28 July 2015

3 Useful Free Apps for iOS/Android Smartphone Users

Recommended free apps iOS android smartphone users

According to my phone, I have 51 downloaded apps which confuses me. I am very careful when it comes to downloading apps, picking ones I know I'll actually use and ones that don't take up too much space. I'm sure you'll probably have LOADS more apps than me but 51 is quite a lot for my smartphone. Despite this, I would say that I would use/need every single one of those apps to either ensure a smooth running of my day-to-day work or something to kick back with and relax to. But here are the top three apps that I would recommend you get installed on your smartphone.

12 July 2015

My Shoe Collection: Men's Footwear 2015 Edition

mens collection mens shoes 2015

I've been a bit obsessed with shoes the past couple of years. My shoe collection is an ever-evolving entity as I continue on this never-ending quest to find the 'perfect' complementary pair of shoes for almost every attire in my wardrobe. Here is the 2015 'edition', my current crop of shoes that have been partnering my every outfit.