23 August 2015

Suiting Up: Men's Formalwear by T.M. Lewin

TM Lewin plain phoenix charcoal skinny fit suit navy knitted polka dot spotted tie white pocket square white shirt

I recently went suit shopping for my sister's wedding, looking for something which is flattening for my frame and suitable for a summer wedding. Here's what I bought.

16 August 2015

Snowdonia Showcase: A Short Video

This past week I had the pleasure of holidaying in Snowdonia National Park and the Gower Peninsula, both in Wales, both mesmorising, both stunning. For this post, I created a short video of Snowdonia and Gower from the footage I recorded, showcasing a tiny snippet of its awesome natural beauty.

5 August 2015

4 Upcoming Smartphones To Look Forward To

smartphone releases look forward to 2015
Nearly Samsung, nearly, but not just from you guys.

Due an upgrade on your phone contract? Looking to purchase a new high-end smartphone? Just pause for a moment. The second half of 2015 looks pretty busy when it comes to smartphone releases so before you go off and get yourself a lovely new device, take a look at what's coming in autumn and winter of 2015 before burning a smartphone shaped hole in your bank account.