22 June 2015

LG G4 Review: New King of the Hill?

LG G4 review

What is the first smartphone manufacturer that comes to mind? Apple? Samsung? Maybe even HTC? Whatever it was I bet LG wasn't it. In the past, LG had been producing budget to middle tier devices at affordable prices, nothing that would blow up your wallet but nothing that would blow your mind either. It wasn't until after LG's collaboration with Google on the Nexus 4 and 5 (again, well priced but nothing spectacular) that their brand awareness started to grow and their marketing managers started to get cheerier. Following these successes, LG has been aiming more towards the premium, top-end of the smartphone spectrum, beginning with the G2 and now culminating to this point with their newest flagship, the LG G4. Is LG now hitting its stride and worthy of our 'I need to blow up my wallet on this' attention? Read on to find out.

7 June 2015

Men's Watches: Affordable Brands to Build Up Your Collection

Mens watches fashion

A watch finalises an outfit, the final piece in a carefully selected ensemble. It's the complementary accessory, the pièce de résistance, the finishing touch. One watch can try to serve and be the master for many outfits, but it can never faithfully serve them all. And so I am building and creating a collection befitting for every outfit in my wardrobe. As much as I would love to own an Omega or a Rolex, instead, I prefer to choose more watches at more affordable prices but which still possess quality looks and build. Here's what I have thus far as well as what I've got my eye on.