7 June 2015

Men's Watches: Affordable Brands to Build Up Your Collection

Mens watches fashion

A watch finalises an outfit, the final piece in a carefully selected ensemble. It's the complementary accessory, the pièce de résistance, the finishing touch. One watch can try to serve and be the master for many outfits, but it can never faithfully serve them all. And so I am building and creating a collection befitting for every outfit in my wardrobe. As much as I would love to own an Omega or a Rolex, instead, I prefer to choose more watches at more affordable prices but which still possess quality looks and build. Here's what I have thus far as well as what I've got my eye on.

Mondaine Evo

Mens watches Mondaine Evo
You can't beat a classic.

The first 'proper' watch I purchased to 'celebrate' getting my first 'real' job.  The Evo's classic Swiss railway look won me over. Swiss engineering and classic Swiss design meant (to me) an undoutable and timeless timepiece. I usually pair this with charcoal wool trousers, a white shirt (usually my white spotted shirt as pictured) and a light grey blazer.

Uniform Wares M

Mens watches Uniform Wares M
I love navy.

There was something about the grey and blue combination. It spoke of something new and unique, a change from the norm. Maybe it was the grey watch face or the blue nitrile rubber strap. Whatever it is, it works perfectly for me and complements the many navy pieces of clothing I own.

Motorola Moto 360

Mens watches Motorola Moto 360
A multitude of watch faces to choose from means you'll likely find the right one to complement your outfit.

My first smartwatch but definitely not my last. Its circular exterior won me over in a world (back then in 2014) of quadrilateral 'smart' watches. The black on black look is classic, will never get old and just works whilst the leather is genuine and sturdy. What differentiates this (and other smartwatches) though are the (almost) limitless number of watchfaces to choose from which means you can pick a watchface for practically every occasion. Rumours of a Moto 360 2 are abound with an announcement date of late June/early July being touted. Whenever the release date is, I'll be sure to pick one up.

The Wishlist

What watches am I eyeing up next to expand upon my collection?

Daniel Wellington

I love the simplicity of this watch. Clean. Elegant. Effective. (Daniel Wellington - Class St Mawes)

Shore Projects

With a variety of durable straps in multiple colours as well as 'Charcoal' or white faces, Shore Projects offers something a bit different with a number of combinations. (Shore Projects - Whitstable)

Larsson & Jennings 

A watch for the more formal and official occasion, this Lader Brown from Larsson & Jennings will work well with a dark suit. (Larsson & Jennings - Lader Brown)

What watches do you own?

What do you think of my watches?

Any favourite brands that you're always looking at?

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