27 October 2015

Best Value Android Smartphones 2015

If you're in the market for a good, serviceable smartphone and don't want to spend heaps of cash on the most expensive flagship phone, then you're in luck. With the likes of Motorola, OnePlus and Huawei driving down prices, never before has the burgeoning value/budget smartphone market been better with many devices now sporting more high-end builds and features which were only previously found on their more pricey brethen. I've compiled a list of the best Android smartphones for under £200, £300, £400 and £500; read on to see what I think is worthy of your consideration.

11 October 2015

The Autumn Zara Jacket

With autumn already in the air and temperatures slowly starting to fall, I've retired my blazers and replaced them with a jacket more suited for colder climes. It took me quite some time to find something comfortable, warm enough and suitable in complementing a plenitude of different outfits but I'm happy I finally came across this autumn jacket from Zara. Here's what I pair it with on the weekend for that ever-popular 'smart-casual' look.

4 October 2015

3 Tips to Improve Your Photography and Get Better Photos

3 tips tricks better good improve photos photography

I've loved taking photos ever since I was about 12 with all that I've learnt a result of experimenting or watching YouTube. Over the years, I've (thankfully) refined my photography craft and become prouder of the photos I've captured, finding a noticeable difference in the quality of my work. Here are the 3 tips that I focus on most when taking and sharing photos (with lots of example photos thrown in).