30 December 2015

Tech Buyer's Guide 2015

'Nerds are people who recommend products to people who aren't nerds.'

"Haha, that's me!" I thought to myself upon reading that beauty of a line in an article by Android Central. Subsequently, it has inspired to write this post to wrap up the year that is 2015.

Whenever I do recommendations, I always base it on the mantra of whether I would buy the product myself. So here are my recommendations across smartphones, tablets and digital cameras which are broken down into specific needs/criteria.

9 December 2015

Apple, Stop Insulting Your Customers.

I would like to think of myself as quite a calm, level-headed and non-confrontational person but every so often I feel the need to have a rant. Today, Apple is the victim of my (probably insignificant) diatribe. I'm sure I'm going to annoy and alienate a number of Apple owners, but bear with me as I detail a number of their decisions in 2015 which have left me believing that Apple doesn't hold its loyal customers in high regards, certainly when it comes to intelligence and common sense.