12 July 2015

My Shoe Collection: Men's Footwear 2015 Edition

mens collection mens shoes 2015

I've been a bit obsessed with shoes the past couple of years. My shoe collection is an ever-evolving entity as I continue on this never-ending quest to find the 'perfect' complementary pair of shoes for almost every attire in my wardrobe. Here is the 2015 'edition', my current crop of shoes that have been partnering my every outfit.

The Boot

Hudson Shoes leather boots

I came across Hudson Shoes in a boutique a few years ago and they have been my choice of leather boots ever since. Comfortable, durable, versatile, I can't recommend their boots enough. Office have this pair discounted whilst Hudson's website have the Swathmore Tan or Swathmore Drum Dye Tan boots which are similar in design and colour.

What I wear it with
Beige/navy chinos, charcoal wool or blue linen trousers (trousers with a slightly longer length)
White or pale blue/navy long sleeve shirt
Navy or light grey cotton blazer or beige linen blazer

The Classic

Converse shoes hi-top low-top

I remember owning my first pair of 'Chuckies' around 13-14 and being laughed at by my friends for owning a pair of 'clown shoes'. Oh dear, how little did they know. An ubiquitous item of clothing across the world, every man and woman should own at least one pair of Converses. An incredibly comfortable pair of shoes, they go with almost every casual outfit and some smart ones too. Don't worry about them getting dirty (although not too much!), that's part of their appeal: everlasting. I used to go for more unique variations of Converses (strange colour schemes, writing on them, etc) but these days I'm more 'conservative', rocking two white pairs, hi and low-tops. I put the hi-top Converses on with any pair of casual trousers whilst the low-tops are paired with casual shorts. If you want to dress down a smart outfit, wear with beige chinos, plain light-coloured t-shirt and a semi-loose fitting blazer.

The Smart One

Leather shoes Ask the missus Ted Baker

Ted Baker leather shoes blue sole

Ask the Missus leather shoes

A must for any smart outfit, a pair of leather shoes is essential in bringing about an added air of professionalism (or certainly a false one in my case). The Ted Baker's were my very first pair of leather shoes, bought at Office in early 2012. In a world of generally similar designs and colour schemes, I was drawn in by the blue soles and though they are a bit tatty these days (and thus don't see as much usage), they still serve a purpose in adding a splash of colour to my wardrobe every so often. I 'replaced' these with a new pair of leather shoes in 2014, a brand called 'Ask the Missus' which I believe is only available at Office. I find these simple, comfortable and elegant and do the perfect job of completing a smart outfit without getting in the way or standing out for the wrong reason(s).

What I wear it with
Beige/navy chinos, charcoal wool or blue linen trousers (trousers with a slightly shorter length)
White or pale blue/navy long sleeve shirt
Navy or light grey blazer

The Casual

Nike Capri III leather trainers shoes

For the casual (and slightly sporty) one in me, I'll turn to these, the Nike Capri III leather. Bought from SportsDirect, I needed something more casual than my Converses that I could just put on with a pair of jogging or tracksuit bottoms but also a pair of jeans.

What I wear it with
Ankle/slip-on socks
Dark grey slim jogging bottoms tapered at the ankles
Plain white t-shirt
Light blue denim long-sleeve shirt unbuttoned

The Alternative

Peter Werth leather shoes boots

For something a bit different for my smart attire I'll wear these. By Peter Werth, I'll put these on when I feel like stepping out of the normal mundane-ness of brown leather shoes/boots and into something a bit more...'navy'.

What I wear it with
Navy chinos 
White or pale blue long-sleeve shirt shirt
Navy blazer
Navy wristwatch

The Boatman

Boat shoes River Island

I think I got these from River Island, but I don't know when exactly, maybe 2010, 2011. Either way, they've lasted me all this time although granted I only wear them during summer. They're not the best pair of boat shoes out there but they're comfortable and durable and I like it's colour scheme as it matches many items of clothing in my wardrobe. Still, these are next on my replacement list.

What I wear it with
Ankle/slip-on socks
Navy dress shorts
White long-sleeve shirt
Navy wristwatch

The Contemporary

Clarks shoes perforated leather suede

My most recent purchase (this past week in fact) and my new favourite. I love these. I love the perforated suede, the off-white colour (more of a cream), the crepe sole (very comfortable). It's a simple design (largely speaking) but it works. A first-time purchase from Clarks, these fall under their 'Originals' collection but are unfortunately no longer on sale. Instead, keep your eye out for other perforated leather/suede offerings as these add a unique finishing touch to your outfit.

What I wear it with
Ankle or slip-on socks
Beige or navy dress shorts (H&M)
White long-sleeve shirt

So that's my shoe collection for the first half of 2015. No doubt I'll probably add and replace a pair or two in autumn or winter but for now I'm happy with the collection I've got and what I'm lacing up in every morning.

What do you think of my shoe collection?

What shoes do you have?

What are your favourite brands/stores?

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