19 April 2015

Buying a Good SD Card

SD cards fast important good
They're all the same, right? Photo property of uk.hardware.info.

There are some technology items where it doesn't really matter which brand you're choosing or how much you're paying for it, you'll still end up with basically the same result. Take Monster HDMI cables for example: a 1m HDMI cable costs £18.99 on Amazon whereas the same, basic cable produced by IBRA costs only £5.45. Monster will try to sway you with their marketing talk of faster transfer speeds and rugged cable housing for added durability but if all you want to do is connect your Xbox One to the TV, every one of those cables will do the exact same, no difference in quality. SD cards though are a different story: it does matter how much you're spending.

12 April 2015

The Cravat: Wearing a Men's Classic in 2015

Wearing a cravat

Christmas Day. 2012. After unwrapping the small present from my youngest sister and unravelling this stubby item of silky material, I couldn't help but think, 'It kinda looks like a tie, but it's too short and thick. Where do I wear it? How do I wear it?...What is it?' Seeing the puzzled expression on my face, she hastily explained a) its name and b) how one fashions such an item. I'll admit, it took a good few months from that opening day before I had the confidence to attempt to pull it off. Now I feel determined in helping to rekindle this long, lost classic: the cravat.

8 April 2015

Moto X 2014 Review: 6 Months with Motorola's Flagship

Motorola Moto X 2014 review

If you’re anything like me, owning a flagship smartphone whilst continually feeding your insatiable appetite for more holy-grail type devices is a true test of self-control. If money were no object, I’d be very inclined to purchase the newest flagship from every manufacturer every two months. Even when money is an object, my resolve in maintaining a relationship with my current phone for at least a year is pushed to its limits, let alone the standard two-year contract cycle most networks employ (hence my pre-emptive action in purchasing new phones off-contract and unlocked). With the impending arrivals of the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and HTC One M9, is my Moto X 2014 nearly resigned to its inevitable fate or does Motorola’s current flagship still prove its worth six months after its initial release? Read on for my review of Motorola's Moto X 2014 edition, six months on.

5 April 2015

3 Technology Reviewers to Follow

3 technology reviewers to follow techradar mkbhd pocketnow
By the time I get home from work (and completed any additional tasks that needed completing), there are very few precious waking hours left to indulge on numerous breaking news, reviews and other tech goodness. So here are the first three virtual stops I always make to satisfy my technological hunger, especially when time is quickly fading.

1 April 2015

Self-Confessed Phone Spotter

Phone-spotting. Verb. a visual attempt to identify the make and model of mobile phones.
''Stop phone-spotting and eat your lunch already.'

Phone spotting identifying phones smartphones
What have we here? (Photo copyright and ownership of www.pocket-lint.com)

iPhone 6. iPhone 5 or 5S, oh wait, Touch ID, 5S. Dimpled back, S5. iPhone 4. Larger screen, Moto G 2014. Galaxy...Ace...Fame...not sure, Samsung make too many mid-tiers. Xperia Z2, maybe Z3. Lumia 1020, don't see many of those.

It only takes one trigger for me to begin phone-spotting: to physically see it in someone's hands. Then it's game-time, a race, a continual competition with myself to get it right each time.