5 April 2015

3 Technology Reviewers to Follow

3 technology reviewers to follow techradar mkbhd pocketnow
By the time I get home from work (and completed any additional tasks that needed completing), there are very few precious waking hours left to indulge on numerous breaking news, reviews and other tech goodness. So here are the first three virtual stops I always make to satisfy my technological hunger, especially when time is quickly fading.


MKBHD displaying his rather extensive collection of smartphones...

MKBHD's videos are a showcase of quality in all facets of production and content. A twenty-one year old American student, Marques K. Brownlee produces YouTube videos on various areas of technology. Producing on average one video a week, you might argue that this is a relatively low output for someone who has over 2.3 million subscribers (which incidentally is the most of any technology reviewer on YouTube) but there are several reasons for his enormous, widespread appeal.

  • Knowledge - He really knows his stuff. This is immediately evident in his videos when he is able to roll off a wide range of technical information effortlessly and naturally (without reading from a spec sheet). His ability to demonstrate the interconnected nature of various technologies through his British Library sized-esque repository of information is impressive, more so because he does it in an easily digestible rhetoric. This know-how adds credibility to his productions; after all, there's no point listening to someone's opinion if they have no idea what they're talking about.
  • Coverage - One of the reasons why he is so knowledgeable is due to the vast number of electronic devices he is (luckily) exposed to. MKBHD will review pretty much every worthwhile device worth caring about, from smartphones to tablets to wearable tech and headphones. Although his channel is there for him to air his opinions, he never comes across as biased. Reviews are impartial, with a focus on both positives and negatives and he is extensive in covering all factors. Marques is a constant fixture at major electronic trade shows and events including CES, MWC and Google I/O, where he provides an influx of quality videos covering the latest developments. What a job.
  • Production Values - MKBHD's recording and editing equipment is near state-of-the-art for any professional, let alone a student. His many pieces of production paraphernalia include a RED Epic DragonSennheiser short gun microphone and Mac Pro as well as numerous lenses, camera mounts and lights. Videos are recorded in 4K, audio is clear, defined and natural and title screens and music look and sound professional produced. Marques uses a multitude of camera angles and environments, giving his videos a fresh, real-world feel which is supplemented by his purposeful, professional and unique editing style. How he is able to afford all this equipment is beyond me, I just hope he has insurance. (His set-up tour video gives you an idea of the scale of his gear.)
  • Personality - Finally, who he is. MKBHD just seems like a stand-up nice guy. He's amicable, displaying a warm, welcoming nature supplemented by an easy-on-the-ear voice. Marques is engaging, not just in how he presents himself in his videos with his trademark, 'Hey, what is up guys, MKBHD here,' intro and 'Peace' ending, but his constant activity and helpful engagement with fans and followers across all major social media platforms. A big reason why each of his videos averages 1 million views.


A natural blend of knowledge, personality and humour.

An American technology website founded in 2000, Pocketnow focuses primarily on smartphones, tablets and wearable tech. What some may see as a narrow scope of electronics, Pocketnow more than makes up for in its comprehensive output of editorials, reviews and podcasts. Whatever your need may be regarding these devices, Pocketnow will almost always have you covered in some form or another.

With a small but strong cast, the website is constantly updated, pushing out new content daily whilst being active on all forms of social media. Editorial Director Michael Fisher is the Rich Eisen of Pocketnow, a magnetic blend of wit, sensibility and nerdiness (Star Trek references are omnipresent in his work); he's an engaging host of their weekly podcast and a passionate and impartial reviewer. Jaime Rivera produces well-oiled videos injecting a playful, sarcastic manner wrapped up in a brilliant Honduran accent and is never short of a comment on Apple, good or bad (usually good). Other members, including Chief News Editor Stephen Schenck and Senior Editor Joe Levi, lend their considerable expertise to the website, providing readers with a daily dose of information and humour. 


TechRadar provides more comprehensive coverage of all things technological.

For a more British flavour on the world of technology, TechRadar is my daily go-to. Having initially come across the website through its sister gaming site Eurogamer, I soon bookmarked it, being drawn to its exhaustive reviewing style. A wide variety of electronic devices are reviewed, each broken down into several key areas and neatly summarised in its 'We liked...We disliked...Verdict...' style. With technology possessing a constantly evolving nature, it is pleasing (and rare) to see their penchant for updating existing reviews due to hardware and/or software updates; this is a very nice feature indeed and keeps reviews fresh and relevant. In addition to reviews, the site does a good job of delivering features, buying guides and money-saving deals. The recently refreshed website design makes for easier navigation and information retrieval although their extensive coverage of all things technology can be overwhelming at times. An inclusion of video reviews would be nice, especially when one is not so inclined to read pages of text, but that aside, the staff do an admirable job of delivering new content.

What do you think of my choices?

Which YouTubers/websites do you visit frequently?

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