16 August 2015

Snowdonia Showcase: A Short Video

This past week I had the pleasure of holidaying in Snowdonia National Park and the Gower Peninsula, both in Wales, both mesmorising, both stunning. For this post, I created a short video of Snowdonia and Gower from the footage I recorded, showcasing a tiny snippet of its awesome natural beauty.

All footage was shot handheld on a Sony RX10 and edited using Final Cut Pro X

There's probably not many general facts or information about Snowdonia and Gower that I can say which haven't already been covered by Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, Rough Guides and the numerous other travel 'advisors' out there.

Snowdonia national park mount snowdon Wales crib goch
Oh my days.

What I will say though is that Snowdonia and Gower (and Wales in general) provided countless 'This is unbelievable' and 'Oh my days' vistas. Driving along narrow, undulating and serpentine country lanes through valleys dwarfed by mountains made me think of those beautiful Top Gear shoots when they're driving Astons through Switzerland or Ferraris by the Med. The views whilst hiking, climbing and scrambling to get to the summit of Snowdon just got better and better, with mountains, valleys and lakes filling my eyeballs with wonders for miles, causing me to stop every few minutes and take yet another picture of yet another picturesque backdrop. And it's all so quiet and peaceful (if you pick the harder, quieter passes up!). So many points along my way up, I could hear not a sound, nothing man-made, nothing grating. Just serenity. The silence, coupled with the painting around you, is cleansing. And intoxicating.

And it didn't rain!

Snowdonia national park mount snowdon Wales crib goch

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with such lovely weather in the Gower Peninsula, home to Swansea and many bays, the most famous being Rhossili Bay (voted 9th best beach in the world by TripAdvisor no less!). The largely overcast conditions and heavy winds did little to dampen my mood though as what lay before me were stretches of golden beauty, accompanied by ruggedly handsome cliff faces and the calming sound of waves. The beach stretched for what seemed like miles and as the tide edged further out, it revealed more of its golden treasure beneath. Rhossili Bay is also home to the Worm's Head, a headland one mile long and accessible (at low tide) by a jagged causeway which is paradise for geologists and conchologists alike. Once making my way over to the 'worm's head', I was greeted with a lovely panoramic view of the Bay itself as well as the numerous other bays which line the peninsula.

Wales gower peninsula Rhossili beach bay

There is something very mythical and mystical about Wales with its mountains and wild and rough countryside. It's enchanting and rustic, breath-taking and serene.

If you've never been before, I can't recommend it enough. If you have been, good for you. Now go again because I certainly will.

What do you think of Snowdonia and the Gower?

What are your memorable holiday destinations?

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