24 May 2015

LG G4: Camera Samples

LG G4 camera

As my full review of the LG G4 is approximately a couple of weeks away (I want to test it for a good length of time) here are some camera samples taken with the G4's camera to whet your appetite and give you an early indicator of how the phone's camera performs.

All photos were taken using the rear-facing camera (except the selfie) and shot as JPEGs with images taken straight from the phone with zero editing.  As the photos were shot in 'manual' mode, allow for a degree of human error as I acclimatised myself to the controls and nuances of the camera and its software.

If I had chosen to shoot the photos as RAW files and then edited them in Adobe Lightroom, they would have turned out better but I wanted to see what the camera and its software could do (largely) on its own.

f/1.8; ISO 150; 1/60; AWB
f/1.8; ISO 150; 1/60; manual WB
f/1.8; ISO 100; 1/500; AWB
f/1.8; ISO 50; 1/30; manual WB
LG G4 camera samples
f/1.8; ISO 50; 1/125; manual WB

f/2.0; ISO 100; 1/24; AWB

(Click here to download the original camera samples in full resolution)

So far, after three days of use, I am impressed.  The camera app is quick to launch, focus is fast, photos are taken almost instantly, the interface clean and simple and the manual mode is an excellent feature for more enthusiastic photographers.  Most importantly, photos are sharp and crisp and colour accuracy strong.

I wish there were a few more interface prompts for some of the different settings/functions as some of the features need more explanation.  Also, I've noticed that the camera always seem to shoot at f/1.8 which is great for that lovely, blurry background look (bokehlicious as Kai Wong would say) but not something you always want and there's also evidence of post-processing going on from the software (digital noise and sharpening) but that will require more testing.

More detailed analysis and opinion will follow in my full review and I will continue to share my samples from the G4's camera, including a comparison of JPEG, RAW and edited photos.

What do you think of the camera's overall performance?

What do you think it does well?

What could LG do to improve the camera?

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