27 September 2015

3 Shoes On My Trainers Wishlist

If you read my shoe collection blog post, you'll know that I've got a thing for footwear. Despite the space underneath my bed dwindling due to the ever-increasing number of shoeboxes rapidly appearing beneath it, my quench for more shoes has not been satiated. Here are the 3 that I've got a very close eye on.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07

Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07

No man's shoewear collection (even a modern day gentleman's) is complete without a pair of white trainers. Yes, I do already own a pair of white Converse high-tops, and yes, there is a (large) whiff of "LOOK AT ME IN MY FLASHY WHITE TRAINERS!" They're certainly not understated, which is how I would describe my style, but I still love these. Maybe it's the white swoosh on white, the old-school velcro strap or the oversized sole. Whatever it is, all I know is I want.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

Converse II All Star

Again, yes, I do already own a pair of high-top Converses, but these are in black. And they're new. Sort of. After 98 years, Converse (or rather Nike, who now own Converse) has updated its classic shoe with a comfier sole and lining. Plus the eyelets for the laces are now black. Yes.

Nike NikeLab Cortez '72

Nike NikeLab Cortez 72

Another pair of Nikes! I hear you say. Even I'm surprised as it's very unlike me to favour white trainers, or even any trainers for that matter. But to prove that advertising/marketing works, I fell in love with these as soon as I saw NikeLab post them on Instagram. Literally instantaneously. Now these scream old-school classic with its largely white exterior and red swoosh but it's the thin blue line near the sole that completes it.  Having said that, I'm not really a fan of that strangely textured toecap. There is a 'Premium' version of these which removes that strange toecap and offers a more modern take, but it loses some of its allure and appeal. Still, it speaks of how good the rest of the shoe is that I could live with that mess of glued on string at the front.

What trainers are you interested in?

What brands do you always buy?

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