30 August 2016

New Home

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Firstly, many apologies. It has been far too long since my last post (15th May for those keeping track) although in my defence, I do have a good/decent/okay reason. In between and around life and work (and often times during) I finally managed to navigate the minefield that is property buying and eventually completed this arduous and tedious process to be in the legal possession of my very first home. Yes I know, I can't believe it either...

Sony lenses lens wooden desk John Lewis

The process approximately took two and a half months with far too many emails filled with queries and requests inundating my inbox and the minutes on my mobile contract consumed by discussions with estate agents and mortgage advisers and solicitors and the ridiculous other number of people involved in what is essentially one person selling their property to another.

IKEA TV stand white canary all in one home security system

Anyway, when D-Day finally came, I was more relieved than anything else although I did allow myself a small celebratory fist pump with my colleagues upon ending the final call with my estate agent (who I must say did do an excellent job).

Relief emanated me as I picked up the keys and and when I stood in the flat devoid of anything, now my flat. The place was certainly liveable but it definitely did not feel like home. Much work had to be done if it was to match the vision I had for it.

Macbook air wooden desk John Lewis calia desk

Cue father-son time. After nearly five weeks of much painting and building and sweeping, after many mistakes and 'Ah crap' and after numerous trips to the dump and even more to IKEA, B&Q and Homebase, this place now looks like home, I can call it that.

It's still not done: I'm waiting for the desk chair to come back into stock, the cable management behind the desk needs finishing off and the gallery wall has to be completed but everything else is pretty much done.

John Lewis calia wooden desk

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, I will get back to posting more with a couple of things already in the pipeline that I wish to review: the Canary all-in-one home security system and the smart LED lightbulbs from LIFX. I would also like to a setup/desk tour video in the near future having been inspired by many desk setups on YouTube.

Let me know in the comments below if there is anything in particular that you wanted to know more about, tech, furniture or otherwise and I'll be sure to cover it in my next posts.

Apologies again!

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