21 February 2016

Grey Smart Jogger Trousers

smart grey jogger trousers turtleneck jumper navy parka brown ankle boots

It's still winter which means it's still grey and cold and dreary (if it were spring, I'm confident it would still be grey and cold and dreary). Time to co-ordinate with the season as this lookbook centres around these grey smart jogger trousers from River Island. Read on to see what I pair them with for a warm and comfortable yet smart look befitting of this winter weather.

Nappa ankle boots with broguing Massimo Dutti
Nappa ankle boots with broguing by Massimo Dutti

I needed something smart. And casual. Something for work and for the weekend. After much searching I finally came across these smart jogger trousers by River Island. The understated grey colour with subtle patterning effect make them look work-orientated but the tapered legs and material give you the laid back look, warmth and comfort that joggers provide.

The trousers are paired with these nappa ankle boots with broguing by Massimo Dutti. For me, it was the brogue detailing combined with the quasi military style sole and heel that sold it. The shade of brown was also just right, not being too light or dark. These boots utilise lightweight material making them comfortable to wear and they're sturdy and durable to deal with cold and wet conditions.

navy parka roll neck turtleneck jumper grey
Roll neck jumper by River Island
Quilted parka with detachable hood by Mango

I tend to co-ordinate the colours of my outfits based on the current season so as it's winter I'm wearing a lot of grey and navy these days. The roll neck (or turtleneck) jumper is also from River Island and features a very comfortable and soft-touch cotton wool which does a fine job of keeping me insulated.

Over that is this navy parka from Mango, another item of clothing which I had been searching many weeks for as I wanted something which was light, fitted and the correct length. The parka features two standard jacket pockets as well as two zipped pockets towards the top and a detachable hood. It's well insulated but lightweight and can be worn with either a smart or casual outfit underneath. Being navy, it also works well with my beige, navy or burgundy trousers.

Roll neck turtleneck grey jumper navy parka brown ankle boots grey smart jogger trousers

This versatile outfit will keep out the elements whilst being comfortable and fitted and can be worn for smart/casual occasions. Thankfully there are benefits to this cold season.

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