15 February 2016

Top 3 Menswear Stores

Massimo Dutti boots

I remember growing up, shopping at Warehouse and TK Maxx and thinking that I knew what I was doing: I didn't need to use the changing rooms because I knew the clothes would fit; I wouldn't take my sister for a second opinion because I was so confident in what looked good. Gosh, I cringe looking back on those days of clearly-too-large short sleeve shirts and faux retro-American prints. Thankfully, I've become somewhat better at determining what 'works' and what 'doesn't' although of course I'm still prone to my share of 'what was I thinking?!' moments.

Anyway, here are my top 3 places when shopping for a new look, considering their style, price and quality.

Zara menswear womenswear fashion

Zara is my current number 1 and my first choice, largely because of its slim fit range of shirts and blazers which are perfect for me. At times their style is a bit too 'edgy' and out there for my liking, but I know that each time I go in I'm looking at the latest trends. As mentioned above, smart, long-sleeve shirts and blazers make up the majority of my purchases there although I've also bought some of their jogging bottoms which effectively bridge the sometimes hazardous smart/casual gap. It won't offer the finest quality out there, nor the best prices, however, I find Zara to strike a fine balance between the two.

Uniqlo menswear womenswear fashion clothes

Uniqlo has now become a member of the 'stable' of shops that I must frequent (shame there's not one near me). Any time I need a jumper, be it crew, v-neck or turtleneck, I'll come here. It's no nonsense, utilitarian (some may argue boring, not me though), good quality and reasonably priced, plus their range of thermals is excellent. Their trousers and chinos aren't bad either.

Not a place I shop at very often due to its higher prices, but still a place that's often visited. I like their mature and sophisticated style and their clothes are made well. If I need something smart (for work or otherwise), I'll always come here and have a look, even if I can't always justify the price.

Which menswear stores are your favourites?

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